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Turnkey Tech Solutions Building technology for the future
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Problem Searching tech co-founders is difficult Achieving product-market fit Existing software agencies are not competent
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Problem 1 Entrepreneurs from different backgrounds spend a lot of time in finding tech co-founders Problem 2 With a small team its difficult to quickly turn around product features to achieve market fit Problem 3 Existing software agencies do not follow coding ethics and products botch up at scaling
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The Utopia Following coding ethics with Agile practices Quick MVP and feature turn around to get PMF Product scaling and future support
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Solution 1 Led by a team of IITians, we write clean, well commented and scalable code. Solution 2 We promise to deliver MVP in 30 days. We are with you till you find the product market fit. Solution 3 We fix bugs and provide support. We work on updates and new versions while you scale.
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Our Services Web App Development Mobile App Development Cloud Consultation Services Machine Learning Solutions Emerging Technologies
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Founded by two IITians 2019 Served 10+ clients 2020 Led 3+ clients for seed funding 2021 About Us After hearing the horror stories of developers disappearing without notice or completing botched websites, we started Turnkey Tech to solve this problem and the journey till now  has been really exciting and satisfying
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Timing Reason 1 With 10,000+ companies getting registered every month in India, it is high time companies went digitally present to stand out of the crowd Reason 2 Software agencies present in every nook and corner makes the market mature enough for profitability for a qualified candidate
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Traction In just 2 years, we became a team of 7 members and have served 15+ client to date
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Target Market Target Market 1 Startups and SMEs with none to a small tech team willing to outsource their tech Target Market 2 First time entrepreneurs willing to build tech to validate their ideas
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Size of the Market TAM - Total registered companies in India, SAM - 30% of TAM, SOM - 1% of SAM 2 Million Total Available Market (TAM) 0.6 Million Serviceable Available Market (SAM) 6000 Clients Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)
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Direct Competitors Indirect Competitors
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Competitive Advantages
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Advantage 1 As there is no big player in the market, we are on equal footing Advantage 2 Because there are a lot of small agencies present, market is mature enough Advantage 3 As many agencies work is not up to par, we have enough potential to grow by serving better Advantage 4 A company with strong competitive advantages are likely to survive  in the long term.
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Competitor Approach
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Approach 1 By creating long term relations with clients Approach 2 Giving free tech consultations and free  tech stacks recommenders Approach 3 Periodic giveaways like free web builder and hosting, startup guides
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Business Model We have two pricing models Project based model For well defined project specifications Milestone based payment schedule Initial payment of 30-50% of total cost Time model When resources cannot be estimated upfront Charges based on number of hours Current dev cost is INR 2000 per hour
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The Team Rahul Dangi CEO & CTO IITD Neha Singh Operations & Biz Dev IITR
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Future Roadmap We envision to always deliver higher ROI to our client by developing their product in the best possible time and cost effective manner 20+ long term clients Q1 2021 10+ of team size Q2 2021 Sustain the growth Q3 2021 Identify new tech areas Q4 2021
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Valuation (Using Discounted Cash Flow technique) We are looking to raise INR 1Cr With post-money valuation of 5Cr For equity dilution of 16.7%
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Contact Us +91 - 93226 53103 biz.turnkey.tech@gmail.com www.turnkey.work